When In Las Vegas Visit Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Las Vegas is an adult playground. Here there are casinos, bars that never close and yes many adult entertainment establishments. With over 30 of these clubs in town it can very confusing on which club offers what you are looking for.

First lets break down the type of strip clubs located in Las Vegas. There are what is called “Juice Bars”, these are establishments, some small some big that have totally nude dancers ages 18 & over but do no sell alcohol. These places can be upscale but many are like your local dive bar. The dancers here usually are very young, inexperienced or just not all that good. Since there is no alcohol on site the dancers do not make all that much money.

Then there is the small dive bar, usually one stage, one bar fully stocked with alcohol and a dozen or topless dancers. The dancers here are over 21 and a mixture of attractive to over the hill types. The prices here usually are very reasonable, there maybe a happy hour, but the place is just small and mostly filled with locals.

Then there is the upscale clubs. These clubs are big but not too big. One to two stages, a couple of bars and about a hundred or so dancers, over 21 and topless of course. Ten years ago these clubs with the top of the line in Las Vegas but now they are just considered a nice place. Prices here vary greatly place to place. There are several of these types of topless bars in Vegas.

Now if you are looking for an upscale luxurious topless bar that is larger than life then this is it. Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club of Las Vegas is the world’s largest strip club. There is over 70,000 square feet and 10 luxury skyboxes. Sapphire is open 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. It is located on Industrial Rd, just behind where Stardust once was (Soon to be Echelon).
This place is so big that you will find over 400 entertainers here on a given night. If you prefer smaller more intimate places then Sapphire is not for you. Here you will need a thick wallet in order to have good time. Let me tell you a little about the place.

When you first enter Sapphire you proceed through the elegant lobby into what is called the Main Room. Here you find a 25,000 square foot area containing plush seating, tables, booths and not 1, not 2, but 3 stages hosting some of the most beautiful topless dancers in the world. The Main Room alone is bigger than most other strip clubs.

Above the Main Room is the second level known as the VIP Skybox. Here you find 10 luxury skyboxes that overlook the 3 stages in the Main Room. All the Skyboxes have their own private entrance. Skyboxes can hold up to 12 guests and have many upscale features. Each one has a television showing all the action on the three stages. Skyboxes also have their own private beverage service. Skyboxes must be reserved in advance and it is expensive, check directly with Sapphire for pricing.

Like any other upscale strip club Sapphire has party packages for just about any occasion. Whether someone is getting married, getting divorced, promoted or just want to party, a VIP package can be purchased.

These are some of the many fine features of Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. Like I said before, this place is for those who are willing to spend some serious money. Tourists mostly come here, after all it is really something to see. Now, if you are one that likes smaller more casual places where the drink prices are reasonable then Sapphire is not your place.

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