What happened on Dancing with the Stars, May 11, 2009?

For those of you that missed Dancing with the Stars, here is a quick wrap up of what went down. The first couple to step on the dance floor was Melissa and Tony that did the quickstep. They did a good job but the judges thought the dance wasn’t joyful enough which caused her to receive a score of 28. The next dance, which was the waltz was done by Gilles Marini (my favorite) definitely stole the show. He recieved a score of 30 for his first performance with Cheryl Burke. Shawn Johnson also recieved a score of 30 for her Argentine tango with her partner Mark. The next couple to hit the dance floor was Ty which did the Vienesse Waltz with his partner Chelsie and he recieved a score of 25 (no surprise there). The second round Melissa and Tony did the cha-cha and they received a score of 27. Gilles and Marini were up next and they absolutely stole the show. They received a score of 10 again for their performance (well deserved). Shawn and Mark did the jive and they ended up with a total of 26 for this dance. Ty and Chelsie, did the samba and received a score of 23. Tomorrow night we find out who goes home but I really hope that we don’t have any surprises like we did last week when Lil Kim went home instead of Ty. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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