What happened on American Idol, April 21, 2009?

Ok, so tonight was disco night on American Idol, and this was a very pleasant show to watch tonight in my opinion. It was pretty dull and boring if you asked me and it seemed that a lot of the singers were really not in their comfort zone and some opted to not go disco all together. The top contender tonight would definitely be Kris Allen, according to Paula and Simon. He really did a good job with his vocals, singing “She works hard for the money.” Simon actually thought that it was a fantastic performance. Adam Lambert also seemed to be coming into his own, he also got some good reviews from the judges, Kara said “You’re brilliant. I don’t know what else to say,” Kara DioGuardi said, then added “Every week you up it for me. You look like the guy from ‘Saturday Night Live’ meets Clark Kent. The emotion, the way you connected, it’s inspiring.” Danny Gokey, one of my personal favs, also did a good job tonight as he usually does but unfortunately Simon said that it lacked star power, whatever that means. I still think he’ll make it far. Allison got some good reviews as well, Randy actually thinks that she’s the best singer in the competition. Matt Giraud, not so hot, Simon thought his performance lacked originality and poor Lil Rounds got slammed again by the judges. They didn’t think she did a good job at all either. Anoop Desai, Kara loved his performance while Simon thought it was his worst yet. So we really have to wait and see what America has to say about this one.

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