What happened on American Idol, April 14, 2009?

Last night, things were a little different on American Idol, a little out of whack that is. Two judges were only able to critique one singer, that means that Simon wasn’t able to make his piece on everyone’s performance. Poor Simon! The whole show was dedicated to movie music and they had Quentin Tarantino as their mentor. Last night there was a bit of drama though, between Lil Rounds and Simon, poor girl is probably heading home since she can’t seem to get Simon on her good side. Lil Rounds sang “The Rose” by Bette Middler, her version at least and she failed to impress none other than Simon. Simon said “the song was too middle of the road, too soft.” And again told her that she wasn’t the singer that they first met. She responded by saying that she thought it was pretty good. Allison Iraheta, actually did her thing, when she sang Aerosmith’s, I Don’t to Miss a Thing from the movie Armageddon. Anoop Desai sang a song from the movie Robin Hood, and got pretty good reviews from Kara. Adam Lambert, the rock star, which sand “Born to be Wild” got some good reviews. I’m guessing he’s probably Paula’s favorite. Kris Allen sang “Falling Slowly”, Kara loved it, Randy not so  much. Matt Giraud, on the piano, sang “Have you ever loved a woman” by Bryan Adam’s, Randy loved it, Kara not so much. Danny Gokey, sang “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie, Simon wasn’t impressed and Paula, well you know she basically loves it all, said it was a beautiful rendition. Well ladies and gents this wraps up American Idol last night, now we have to wait and see who goes home tonight.

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