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The often controversial but overall popular satellite television series about the HBO network “Big Love,” it appears, will be visiting a detailed. In this, it’s recently begun fifth season, fans hope to locate all the solutions to the lingering story lines they have been puzzling over for many years. The show has inspired reality spin offs, and generally increased overall curiosity amongst the public as to just how polygamy exists in a society built upon monogamy. As the show might be quite popular depending on its entertainment value, at the same time it has been criticized by many people who stand against the practice of polygamy. Why? Well, based on the critics it’s just not realistic.

Often television takes the drab and dreary and makes it ‘sexy’ in a way that does not belie the actual truth behind it. For instance, the most popular program “The Tudors” portrays King Henry VIII like a young, incredibly handsome son. The facts, that he was overweight, unpleasant and likely diabetic probably wouldn’t do much for ratings. Based on those who have looked poorly upon the show “Big Love” over the years, putting one attractive man with a number of gorgeous actresses is merely placing a glamorous spin on the life-style that can have some ugly realities. It can result in the mistreatment of ladies and children, and may sometimes increase the risk for marrying of girls or teens into relationships with age-inappropriate men. Of course, these are extreme cases meaning a realistic look at polygamy probably lies somewhere in between the ‘super sexy polygamists’ of satellite TV and those violating what the US considers basic human rights.

Does glorifying such a practice by putting attractive actors and actresses in HD justify it? Most likely not. Many people are wise enough to split up an imaginative and entertaining television program with an interesting premise from reality. On the other hand, many viewers are not aware of some of the basic problems that polygamy has generated in various parts of society in the united states and might see the program like a representation of reality. Programs like “The L Word,” which was a well-written and very popular show about a number of lesbian, bisexual and transgendered friends living in Los Angeles, may have merely been available for entertainment, but wore plans of bringing alternative lifestyles to the mainstream. The program did a great deal for painting lesbianism and alternative sexual preferences in a positive light. The question then becomes where to draw the line? If left to television producers, the line is going to be laid just a little bit further ahead of itself year after year to create the illusion of boundary pushing. On the other hand, any program that may crank out five years of storyline before running from places to choose them and enjoy the kind of success “Big Love” has may have its finger directly on the button playing to the curiosities, prejudices and preconceived notions about love and relationships of the entire culture and several generations. Whichever way, take a look at “Big Love” when needed on satellite television and find out the last season on your own!

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