President Obama on the Jay Leno Show last night

Hey TTWTA readers, happy friday!

Last night, our very own President Barack Obama appeared on the Jay Leno show. Last night’s show, was pretty interesting to watch since it allowed us to see the side of a president that many no longer see once they get into office. I don’t believe there has been any other president that has appeared on a late night show once they’ve actually become president so this was probably another first for our country. Now waking up this morning, many people have their own point of view or take on the president actually doing the show. Some feel like maybe our president shouldn’t be joking or having a good time during these tough economic times. Yet, some feel like they can relate so much more to the President because he honestly seem like he’s as real as they get. He talked about his experience on Air Force One and how he got to wear the jacket with the eagle on it, and he also talked about Sasha and Malia that didn’t seemed that impressed, but like any kid their age their excited more about the smaller things, which I thought was adorable. The president also compared the people at Washington to Simon Cowell, which was pretty funny I thought, but yet he also talked about some very serious things as well, like AIG.

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