Picking Showgirls For A Private Party

You?re planning a big boys night party, and you?ve decided that a vital part is to have some female strippers. The best and the worst part of planning your next big party and booking private Melbourne Strippers is choosing the girls. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo…who to book to do the show?

Nowadays the internet makes it much easier when looking to book a stripper or topless waitress, as the majority of strip agencies have a website with a gallery of their strippers and topless staff. Most agents will request you select at least three to five girls per show being booked. This is to ensure they can provide your preferred performer while navigating availability conflicts.

In recent years the number of strippers who work freelance has increased, this means you will see more girls on a several different agent?s sites. There are still a small number of strippers who work under management contracts, but they are generally made available to other agencies for ?by request? bookings.

While looking at the galleries try to keep in mind the girls regularly change their look more often than can be updated with new photo shoots and posted on the website. Blondes become brunettes, become redheads, get tattoos or piercings.

Be sure to take a note what shows each girl is available to perform. Your favorite girl may not do the show you wish to book. Several girls have exclusive specialty shows that only they do. Also, just to keep you confused, some girls don’t advertise all shows they do, for privacy reasons.

There a couple of pitfalls you should keep in mind. Unfortunately there are some sharks in the industry and they will trade on a popular stripper?s name. You may not get who you book. Go with an agency that has open communication and keeps you in the loop. Another trap customers fall into is insisting on knowing who is available before providing a preference on perfomer. Particularly during peak times, this is a recipe for missing out altogether. While your agency of choice is confirming availability business keeps moving and they continue to receive and accept bookings. So before you demand to know who is available before giving a preference, keep in mind that during that time your choices are being reduced.

Take advantage of looking over the website before calling the agency and make sure you provide the agent with at least three preferences for the show you wish to book. This will help them make sure you get the girls you want. Keep in mind, making a booking at short notice, or during peak times, it may be impossible for any agency to meet your preferences. Plan ahead and book at least three weeks in advance.

Strippers Melbourne Golden Rule: be flexible on time if you want a particular girl – be flexible on the girl if you want a particular time

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