Is Rihanna and Chris Brown really over?

Well, while I was looking at one of my favorite sites, to see what was happening in the entertainment world, i came across a few articles on about Chris and Rihanna. According to them and their sources, they said that Chris Brown is dating or was seen leaving a tattoo parlor with Natalie, the one from Girlicious from the CW, that had only that one song and video come out (just a side note), and when Rihanna saw those pics surface on the web, she became enraged and decided to end it for good with Chris Brown. I guess they had some agreement not to date anyone while until everything was under wraps but apparently Chris Brown just doesn’t give a you know what. So, his mom and some other family members were seen leaving Rihanna’s house with some suitcases, supposedly full of his stuff. I think it’s about time, that she let’s him go, he doesn’t even deserve her. And if he was planning on making a move on another girl, he should have at lease waited until his case was close, dumb dumb.

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