How To Download Free Audio Files From Youtube The New Legal Way To Load Your Ipod

Have you ever pondered if you could download Youtube to MP3? Having the ability to download Youtube to MP3 is a growing trend in the field of free music downloading. Not since Napster have we seen such a great vehicle for downloading no cost audio files from the web. But is it legal? The answer to this question is yes. Downloading Youtube to MP3 is currently legal, and can save you hundreds of dollars in music file spending on itunes or Amazon MP3. Now the question is, how do I do it?

Well. There are 2 ways to download Youtube to MP3. The best way is to acquire a plugin for your web browser. A plugin is a basic add-on for your browser software which will enable a download option to any Youtube page. When you click this button, the add-on will immediately convert the Youtube video to an audio file, and ask you if you want to save it to your computer. From there, you can save the sound file to your iTunes folder, or load it onto your mp3 player with whatever software you currenly use for that.

The best browser plugin for downloading mp3’s from Youtube is the one for Firefox. Mozilla is one of the most widely used internet browsers, and is an open-source code project, which means, it will always be free. Netscape Navigator was free in the 1990’s when the internet was first gaining popularity, but because it was not an open-source code, Netscape began charging users when its popularity grew. The Firefox plugin is free as well, and can be acquired from the Firefox website. The plug-in is the easiest to use, and will add a download button to your Youtube pages.

Another good web browser plug-in is for Google Chrome. This plug-in is also free to acquire, and can be downloaded in various places across the internet. Although this is one of the most widely used browser plug-ins, it is of lesser quality than the Mozilla plug-in. The quality of the MP3 that is converted is the issue. If you are just going to listen to your audio files on your computer, this plug-in is fine, but if you are planning to use the MP3 on your iPod or MP3 device, I would recommend the Mozilla plug-in.

Another option for downloading MP3’s from Youtube is to download a stand alone software application. Usually the issue with this option is that the software program is not free, or the software will require you to pay a monthly subscription fee. I have not personally expirimented with such software, because of this fact. I would rather use the Free browser plug-ins that are available while they are still legal.

In summary, the 2 ways to download free MP3 files from Youtube is by either downloading a free plugin for your internet browser, or by obtaining specialized software for that purpose. The plug-ins are free, while the stand alone software options usually include a cost. All of this is currenly legal, but with the growing popularity of this method of downloading free audio files, we can only speculate how long it will last.

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