How to create Hip-Hop Beats

Would you enjoy producing Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B beats? With the cost of production and beat downloading online you might think about producing your own personal beats. Whether you’re creating beats to sell, to make your own music or just for fun, I’d like to describe the various pieces that I use when building beats. I’ve been associated with audio production for 20 years however i am certainly no expert but I’d like to discuss my knowledge.

To begin with allow me to clarify there’s really no wrong or right way to create a beat. Many people might begin with percussion like kicks, snares and hats. Other people will start creating their melodies and chords. Now there is no one method to make a beat. Occasionally I simply begin with percussion and after that put in a bassline and melody. In other cases I began creating the chords and melody 1st, then put the drums later on. These are the 4 primary elements that I use when creating hiphop and rap beats.

1) Drums/percussion – Percussion instruments includes all of your drum sounds like kick drum, snare drum and cymbals. These sounds can either be electronic like those included within drum machines and software. They can also be live drums that you would see in a rock band.

2) Chords- Chords would be the sounds most likely played with a keyboard. Usually these sounds would be played using A piano or similar sound like an organ. However the possibilities are endless. You can use mostly any other instrument like pads, keys and strings also for your chords.

3) Melody-Melody is another component used when creating a beat. Now this part is not mandatory but it does make the track alot fuller and helps out alot when you come to the hook, chorus and different parts of the song. Again this can normally be any sound within your libray but I would suggest staying away from the lower tones as this may conflict with the Bassline.

4)Bassline-The Bassline is another critical part in creating rap beats. Once again this part is not required but it does add fullness to the track. A lot of times if you are using a heavy 808 kick you may not need a heavy Bassline. You can also use the Bassline to play along with the melodies and chords that you have within your song.

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