Favorite Websites (A-Z)

Everyone has their favorite sites that they go and see every now and again, well here are a few of mine from A-Z. Feel free to share yours….

A- www. amazon.com

B- www.bebo.com

C- www.cnn.com

D- www.dictionary.com

E- www.ebay.com

F- www.facebook.com

G- www.google.com

H- www.hotmail.com

I- www.itunes.com

J-  www.jrm-hosting.com

K- www.kodakgallery.com

L- www.limewire.com

M- www.myspace.com

N- www.netflix.com

O- www.orkut.com

P- www.people.com

Q- www.qeep.net

R- www.rapidshare.com

S-  www.sony.com

T- www.target.com

U- www.ups.com

V- www.victoriasecret.com

W- www.whateverlife.com

X- www.xing.com

Y- www.youtube.com

Z- www.zoominfo.com

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