Fans of Gold Rush On The Discovery Channel Sympathize with Parker Schnavel

Specific reality TV shows have plagued our lives as a result of the so-called entertainment networks for many years now, and many viewers had simple had enough until the recent broadcast of the new Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Alaska starring Todd Hoffman, Dakota Fred, and Parker Schnavel. What differentiates this TV series from other reality TV shows is that many of the viewers share the dream of striking it rich with the cast of this hugely popular series.

After the initial release of the first season, it did not seem that Discovery Channel “Gold Rush” would be such a giant overall success. Hundreds of reality TV shows exist and have existed for many years, but why would this one become such a success? While many had dreams of exploring new frontiers and enjoying freedom and unadulterated nature all while being financially successful, there is only a handful of people courageous enough to take a first step.

Discovery Channel TV show was focused on these few individuals who set out to live their dreams of mining gold in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. As pioneers of the new age, these rookie gold miners risked it all to do something different and unrelated to the dwindling global economic health. Precious metals will always be a commodity on which one can rely, and what better way to obtain this asset than to dig it out of the ground?

When fans learned there was going to be a second season because the Hoffman crew had now liquidated all of their assets and acquired every loan possible, the enthusiasm for television show about gold mining among the tens of millions of fans was almost tangible. It seemed the crew was back in action and ready to execute a new plan based on what they had learned from their mistakes. However, their former and unwanted coworker, Dakota Fred, suddenly threw an unexpected wrench in the Hoffman’s plan of mining their beloved Glory Hole.

With the miners currently in better shape than their unexpectedly heart-breaking start, it seems that the Discovery’s Gold Rush Alaska fans are finally rewarded with some reprieve. In the media buzz, many fans expressed their strong emotional bond with these distant miners and really hoped and wished for their success. Although the miners haven’t quite hit the jackpot, the turn-around of their financial health now seems inevitable.

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