A Simple Background About Banqueting Chairs

Banquet chairs are used to seat attendees at functions that include weddings, parties, corporate and athletic events. The design of the banqueting chairs needs to take into consideration a few fundamental features which include comfort, durability, and the ability to be stacked in heights of 10 chairs. Aside from seating, an important feature of a banquet chair is that it should be stored without difficulty. That is where the ability to stack those chairs comes in. The chairs must also be attractively designed as well as simple to clean.

Banquet chairs can be found in different sizes, colors and styles. The frames can be made of wood, natural fiber, plastic or metal, however the metal frames will stand up to the use and abuse only a banquet activity can give it. Banquet chairs need to be comfortable but functional. If these are not comfortable, the function will be a disaster. Banquet chairs should have a level of comfort which will last a couple of hours.

The standard banquet chair is 35″ high with a seat height of 18.5″. The seat width is 17″ and the chair depth is 20″. The chair weighs about 12 to 18 pounds. A solid banquet chair has a metal framework of no less than 18 gauge cold, rolled high tensile carbon steel. The seats and backs of a banquet chair are built using high-density foam of at least 2.2 lbs. The foam is covered with a covering material such as linen, canvas or leather.

Before such chairs are stacked, you’ll want to wipe off the seats and back with a slightly damp cloth. It is important to get rid of food and beverage before stacking to avoid harming the fabric or scratching the frame. When stacking the chairs be sure the first chair is seated properly. As the chairs are being stacked, make certain that the chair is locked in place and will not rock prior to positioning the next chair in place. Only stack the chairs as high as suggested by the manufacturer.

Hiring chairs other than the traditional banquet chairs for a function can be costly. If eliminating the banquet chair look is important but isn’t going to fit the spending plan, consider utilizing a slip cover for the back of the chair. A simple cover can be inexpensive and even less costly than renting other kinds of chairs. One can find different options on the color of the chair covers. They can match the reception colors which mean they will most likely contrast with the seat color or the covers can match the seat color. Depending on the colors involved, contrasting colors may look sharp.

The most expensive banquet chair was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana. The frame of the chair is metal but the seat and back are constructed of cute and cuddly, stuffed panda bears. The panda banquet chair is made in limited amounts and by special order. The cost of one panda chair can be as much as $75,000, depending on the number of panda bears used. It is not known if actual panda bears are hurt during the construction of the chair.

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