You Will Never Believe These Jobs Without Degrees

For many years now, most people have accepted that the best jobs are for those who’ve studied to degree level and beyond – but all this is changing. As more and more people went down the university route, the status of receiving a “university education” diminished to the point where it was nothing special any more. In the meantime, people started to mix further education and job training.

Nowadays if you wish to make this balance yourself, then a modern apprenticeship may well be the option for you. Apprenticeships nowadays are very different from what you or your relatives might at first perceive – whilst they are still rooted in ‘on the job’ training, they have long since extended beyond ‘traditional’ trades such as building and plumbing, and now encompass everything from media to veterinary care, and more. As for those aforementioned ‘traditional’ areas of work, those involved have become specialist tradesmen over time, and now can demand surprisingly large fees as either freelancers or agents of a company.

Thanks to the London Olympics, the government has pledged to make more construction jobs available, which means there are plenty of apprenticeship opportunities in those traditional trades, so now might be a very good time to put in your application. But there are many other careers that don’t require degrees: if you work your way up the ranks of the police force, you’ll find that senior officers – without degrees – earn around 47,000 a year. High-ranking council officials, also without degrees, can earn similar salaries.

Public service jobs traditionally offer the sort of careers where a definitive ladder can be climbed with the correct attitude and hard work. On a more commercial note, if you’ve a good knack for sales within a growing company, you could end up in a similar bracket before long – especially if you can get that elusive grip on the innovations of social media.

Qualifications aside, looking for a gaps in the market and industry progression can ultimately pay personal dividends.

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