The Secret To Speaking Japanese

Why is learning Japanese so difficult?

Learning any language can be difficult and Japanese is no exception. In fact it is more difficult to learn than other languages because of its unique character set. Extra time and effort is required to learn to read and write the Japanese character sets.

Apart from the Japanese alphabet, perhaps the most difficult thing about learning the language is memorizing the words is like any language but the word lists are seemingly endless. When learning Japanese words many people use the standard techniques to memorize them. Methods like repeating a word over and over again or writing it out many times which is not only a really boring exercise but very time-consuming.

What is the solution for internalizing Japanese vocabulary fast?

The answer is language learning software.

Japanese language software has been created by native language speakers to simulate how you learned a language in your childhood. This is the key to successfully learning Japanese. After all, you learnt English simply by listening and interacting with parents and family before you attended formal schooling. No language learning software would be complete without interactive video and audio showing real life communication scenarios with Japanese speaking people.

Lots of people attempt to learn a foreign language, but they become daunted with the amount of learning that is required just to command a basic understanding of the language. They very quickly come to understand that it’s too much work and too difficult for them. When the student is presented with enough material produced by a native Japanese speaker, the learner is exposed to real-life conversation in everyday situations. This greatly helps to keep the learner motivated and commencing using Japanese straight away without being hung up on learning grammatical rules. Since the human mind is naturally able to learn languages, the learning process is simpler and faster than with outdated traditional methods.

One method of learning that is becoming more commonplace these days is word association. This method simply involves associating an image or idea with the word being memorized. The method itself has been around for a long time, but is only now becoming an accepted study practice. The software makes use of interactive learning activities such as word games that encourage word association that result in faster learning and higher memory retention of the words. These fun activities always maintain the student?s interest resulting in a faster and less difficult learning experience. For example you want to learn the Japanese word for hill. The word is ?saka?. When pronounced, it sounds similar to the word “soccer”. So we can make an image association with soccer. The software will give you an image of a boy playing soccer on a hill. Simply repeat the word a few times looking at the image and you have a vastly improved capacity to remember ?saka? means hill. Now you’ll always remember the Japanese word for hill! Using this method you can typically memorize up to 100 words per hour. This really accelerates the learning process.

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