Should You Consider A CNA Certification Online

If you are hoping to become a CNA, a certified nursing assistant, you may be considering a CNA certification online. In various instances this might be fairly acceptable, except if you are hoping to land a well paying job at a large medical facility with possibly some room for advancement, you might want to look into all your options before making a choice.

No real preparation was involved besides some on the job training, in addition to not much was truly needed. You worked as part of a team and never on your own. Every shift you’re given a list of the nurses you’d be working with and a list of patients. After a few weeks it was simple to figure out what a typical day would be like, and without too many surprises, the days pretty much all were the same.

As laws changed in many states plus medical rules and regulations tightened up along with patient privacy laws, nurses aides ended up being phased out and certified CNAs took their place. The instruction program may possibly last anywhere from six to 40 weeks depending on where you went. Colleges and high schools generally offered the program as either part of their regular education or as perhaps adult evening classes.

Here are two very important parts of this type of curriculum. One is classroom study where you learn theory, and the other is literally within the job training where you acquire hands on practical experience working in a medical surroundings, usually a hospital or nursing home.

And this is the major problem with any of the online CNA training programs. You do not obtain the hands on experience you’ll need to really know your job. A number of the big educational facilities have managed to give a sort of web based learning wherever students would be required to attend scheduled classes plus events using a variety of online programs and web cams

All the coursework in the world can’t replace what you will be lacking in practical experience. For those who are hoping to land a good job in a large hospital or rehab facility, you may be out of luck when it comes to job interviews. These facilities require people who are fully trained in every area, and when you don’t have what they are looking for, you’ll be out of luck.

Learning anything on the internet is becoming very popular for the reason that you’ve got the choice of learning at your own speed, on your own schedule. This undoubtedly has a great deal of benefits, but it too puts you in a position where you are not forced to study for the usual finals, etc., and you lose momentum. A number of courses allow you to take courses at your own pace – within reason. You may be given a syllabus that need to be accomplished within a certain period of time, and take finals right after that. You can do it all in a week, or wait till the last minute. It’s up to you.

If you want to work in a big hospital, find out what schools they are affiliated with. Graduates of these programs are sought after in the industry and if you do well, you’ll have your pick after graduation.

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