Harvard vs Stanford

In this article we will compare the differences between two of America’s famous universities. Harvard and Stanford Universities are famed for their history and the kudos of their students who attend worldwide. Let us touch on the geographical differences, the admissions and the financial help that is available to students attending either of these places of learning.

Stanford and Harvard have a similar admissions and acceptance rate. Not surprisingly with both the with the amount of applications that they receive, only a small proportion are accepted. Administration officers at these universities will be looking for an application which is both rich academically and in the extra-curricular.Only about 7% of all applicants will be accepted.

So what about the financial aid grants? Right now Harvard is the most generous University in the States, not only for Americans but foreign students too at $166,000,000. The reality is Harvard has upped its grants by around 70% over the last few years alone. On the other hand, Stanford also offer generous financial aid grants. Students of Stanford with parents who earn less than $100,000 can receive help.

Stanford and Harvard University are based on opposing ends of the US. Stanford is based in California and is only short Caltrain journey from San Fran Bay and the Pacific. Hewlett Packard and Google are found in nearby Silicon Valley. Stanford alumni have been the hugely influential here. Harvard, on the other hand is based in the historic city of Boston, Massachusetts, the birth place of the USA. It wont surprise you then that Harvard’s campus and Boston are home to amazing facilities.

We appreciate your time in this fleeting insight into the world of both Harvard and Stanford. It’s true, there are many notable and contrasting features between the two but they are bound by common ideals. That is their staggering history and their place in developing so many of the globes best innovators and leaders. Which University is the best? Well, that actually depends on the taste and needs of the students applying. We encourage you to pursue the best education for you.

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