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If you are traveling or on tourism trip to the US, then you must be looking for some trusted and efficient car rental service. Car rental services in America are common but you have to choose one from many and this is the hard part. With too many options, one literally loses his head. So, what if you got to know about that one reliable company who has solution for your every travelling problem? Wouldn’t that be amazing? It sure would be as it will make you save your time looking for a trusty company. Besides, if you know about the best, why look for others and waste your precious time. Let’s get introduced to Advantage Car Rental, a Canadian company which operates in car and truck rental services since 1984.

To meet the needs of different types of customers it has to deal with every day, the company offers not just one, but different models and services. In car rental industry, the company is well known for its customer support and quality services. This makes Advantage a big player in the industry. To start their journey from any place in the country, the company offers its customers the service of pick up and drops to make things flexible for them. Their services are limited to 25 offices in Canada, 150 in United States and also have affiliate programs with other car rental agencies. In United States it covers 13 states. This is to make its presence not limited to just one place but across several nations. The major brands offered at Advantage include HondaFord, Mazda, Hyundai, General Motors and Toyota.

It offers its customers the service of pick and drop to make things flexible for them. The services of Advantage aren’t just limited to Canada but have offices around other parts of the world. In Canada, 25 offices are operating and in United States there are 150 offices, covering 13 states. Not just this, it has many affiliate programs with other car rental companies which make their presence all over the world. Honda, Ford, Mazda, Hyundai, General Motors and Toyota are some of the major brands offered by Advantage.

Booking cars is no problem at all when your company is Advantage Car Rental. You can easily book your car online by filling a form. After confirmation of your order, you will be sent a confirmation email or a telephone call. Mass booking option is also available to meet the requirements of corporations. Much kind of insurance policies are available at Advantage to cover the cost of repair in case of accidents. To make your experience free from all kinds of problems and to ensure your ease a roadside assistance service of 24 hours is also provided to all of its customers. At Advantage Car Rental, you need not worry about your privacy because the company ensures everyone’s privacy at any cost.

Privacy is the top priority of the company. So, you don’t need to get worried about the details you provided during your booking liked credit card numbers, address or any other info shared. A free GPS navigation system is what you get when you book a car for time duration of four or more than four days. These unique offers offered by Advantage Car Rental are surely not the one you should miss.

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