Broward County’s Female Investigator

Having the Broward County Fidelity investigator as a woman was something straight out of a science fiction plot in 1950’s Florida. It might seem a little sexist now, but then women rarely held jobs and were expected to marry young and have a family. In a county as small as Broward, private investigation was a job usually reserved for men. It is a job that many think woman cannot fulfill a job that only man can do justice.

This domesticated stigma of women started to change soon after the war when women started to slowly but steadily joining the work force. As hard as old habits die though, this gender prejudice had a long way to go before being completely forgotten.

Her father was the county’s former investigator and he had always been considered to be the very best there was. Many a suspect had been brought down because of his detective work and many a business had been exposed for its illegal activities. She had always been fascinated by her father’s work and she grew up to become his unofficial apprentice.

The death of her father left a hole in the crime prevention arm of the county. The lawmen and layers that were her father’s clients had trusted her father with all of their detective needs. They were expectedly hesitant to he, and she knew to have them trust her would take some cunning and persistence. To prove that she could be as great a detective as her father, she gathered some dirt on a few of her father’s patrons, and brought it to their attention. All the skeletons and dirty laundry in their closet, the indiscretions and gambling, were brought to light right before their eyes. She was sure to make it clear that she had no intention of blackmailing these individuals, but the evidence was unmistakable. She was just as skilled as any man could be, possibly even better.

The former patrons of her father were impressed, awed, and possibly even a little frightened. And soon, they became her clients. They trusted her because like her father appointed before her, she was officially appointed Broward County’s investigator, one of the best private investigator Broward County could ever have, with a specialization in infidelity, just as she had dreamed.

Private investigation Broward County is Mark Adams profession for 3 years and he also serves as Dade County infidelity private investigator.

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