An Overview Of Microsoft MCSE Certification

If you work as, or are planning to pursue a career as a systems engineer, whether as an employee or a freelancer, one of the most important certifications you can receive to demonstrate your proficiency is the MCSE certification. In this article we will provide a brief overview of the MCSE certification process, including which skills the MCSE certification will measure and how this certification can help further your IT career.

What is the MCSE Certification?

The MCSE certification is short for Microsoft Certified System Engineer. When you obtain this certification it serves as tangible proof of your proficiency in producing intelligent business solutions using either Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

The MCSE certification is the only recognized validation of its kind for Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. It shows clients and employers that you are not only capable of designing and implementing complicated infrastructures using these two products, but you are a skilled program administrator and troubleshooter as well.

What Do MCSE Courses Consist Of?

The MCSE certification consists of a series of exams which demonstrate your proficiency. The exams you will be responsible for include:

– 4 Networking Systems Exams which focus exclusively on the inner workings of Windows Server 2003.

– One exam on configuring client operating systems

– One exam on network design

– One elective exam of your choice

For those wishing to obtain certification demonstrating proficiency with newer Microsoft technologies, such as Windows Server 2008 or Exchange Server 10, you must pursue a different certification (MCITP), and for those already possessing MCSE certification, you can always upgrade to reflect the newer technology.

It is recommended that the MCSE certification applicant have at least 2-3 years experience designing, installing administering and troubleshooting network systems.

Why is MCSE Certification Important?

Think of MCSE Training as a diploma, albeit a diploma in only those two Microsoft products. When it comes time to hire a systems engineer, employers will naturally give more consideration to the candidate who can validate his/her ability and experience with a recognized symbol of proficiency. The MCSE certification shows you are committed to advancing your skills and flexible enough to stay current with new technologies. In addition, Microsoft certification gives you access to all of the resources you will need, both human product-based resources, to become the best IT professional possible.

With IT being the heart of computer technology, trained professionals are always needed. To be noticed from the moment you present your resume, we strongly recommend you go through at least one MCSE course, but the more the better. When a prospective employer sees that you have successfully completed this type of training, it immediately puts on you on a different playing level from other candidates. Even if you were looking to move up within a company where you already work, your employer would be impressed to see you possess a certification for a MCSE course.

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