Printer Vocabulary To Save Money

Understanding printer vocabulary will help one to search for, select and operate printers in a superior and valuable way and save a lot of cash.

A print server is a computer or device that is connected to one or more printers and to client desktops over a network, and be able to recognize print jobs from the pcs and transmit the jobs to the correct printers.

One of these important copier terminology is DPI which stands for Dots per inch. It is a measure used to describe the resolution of copier images. The upper the DPI, the greater will be the details with which the illustration is displayed.

The term used to measure the printing speed is known as PPM. PPM stands for pages per minute and defines the amount of pages printed by a machine in one minute.

Another main term used to identify the performance of a printer is Bit Depth. It defines the number of several color tones associated with a dot. A bit depth of 1 implies 2 colors, a depth of 8 implies 256 colors and that of 24 implies 16.7 million colors.

Color balance is a term used to define the print quality. It is a calculate of an image color cast.

Duty cycle is the quantity of printed pages a copier be able to to create as an output. The upper the duty cycle, the more effective a printer is measured to be.

Fade refers to a point at which the printed photograph seems lighter than the remaining points.

AIO and MFP stand for All in one and Multifunction copier respectively. These terms refer to equipment that are a combination of printer, fax and scanner.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a application program incorporated with Microsoft Office for key image editing and image management program.

An inkjet printer terminology is CYMK which defines the inkjet colors. In CYMK, C stands for cyan, Y stands for yellow, M stands for magenta and K stands for black.

A term used as an option for copier brand name is OEM which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Different terms used to explicate types of printing are duplex printing, 4×6 printing, 6 ink printing, 7 ink printing and 8 ink printing. Of these, duplex printing refers to two sided printing whereby the printer itself reverses the sheet after one of the sides has been printed. 4×6 printing makes photograph of snapshot size, while 6, 7 and 8 ink printing technologies utilize multiple inks to generate high quality, clear and brilliant results.

Anti aliasing is an main technology whereby a printer applies arithmetical formula to make better the resolution of character edges.

Letter Quality refers to a copier that is able to produce text similar to that produced by a type writer. Close to letter quality refers to dot matrix printers which generate text approximately comparable to that produced by a letter quality printer.

Paper capacity indicates the highest amount of papers or other media a copier tray is capable to contain.

Print zone refers to the part of the sheet on which the copier is supposed to print.

Borderless printing is a language used to identify a procedure whereby pictures are created by a printer with no blank spaces at the edges of the page.

Brightness refers to the lightness or darkness of the printed impression.

A pixel refers to one of the thousand dots of which a digital photograph is made of.

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