Geek Review Of The ASUS Essentio CM5675

Tired of getting pwned by other gamers because your machine is outdated? If you need a new desktop to replace your old desktop you may want to take review Asus’s Essentio CM5675. This desktop is a beastly rig, and as far as computers go it’s designed specifically for gamers to deliver the best performance and experience possible. This desktop can truly be a beast of a machine that can really provide a boost to your gaming if your current is out of date.

The CM5675 is includes a Intel Core i5 Quad-core processor and the dual-channel DDR3 memory provides a substantially more bandwidth than DDR2, which can process data with more efficiency and higher speed. The Intel chips run significantly faster and cooler than competing chips such as AMD, which will make loading times significantly faster. Optional NVIDIA or ATI graphic cards can also produce high quality images and vivid visual pleasure, allowing you to enjoy the multimedia any time you want.

The Q-Fan technology, patented and solely owned, by ASUS allows the system to adjust the CPU fan speed relative to the system loading and interior temperature. If the system is not used for a while, the fan speed will be switched to low-speed mode so that the operation could remain at a low-noise level or silent. The system’s noise level is as low as 28db in standby mode, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and quiet usage experience.

In order to allow you to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted high def images and audio effect, CM5675 can be expanded based on your personal preferences. This package also includes 4 DIMM slots allowing a capacity of up to 16GB, and two HDD slots allowing you an utmost storage space up to 4TB. Meaning that there can potentially be a massive amount of space available to hold an unprecedented number of files for the majority of gamers.

This desktop also comes preloaded with Widows 7 x64, which is the premier operating system. Microsoft Office 2010 starter edition is also included. The folks at ASUS were also generous enough to add some additional virus protection by pre-installing a copy of PC-Chillin 2010.

If you are interested in having a Blu-ray Disc drive this is an option that is available. Integrated 8 channel audio supports standard, enhanced or high-definition images and multichannel digital audio signal through a standard digital interface; meanwhile it also ensures the data completeness while transmitting which results in a high-level video and audio enjoyment.

The desktops sleek design of a soft outline is inspired by the image of Dubai yacht building. Its smooth polished black curved surface, low profile DVDRW player, and simple outline are specifically designed for people of taste. Its simplicity in appearance does not compromise its functionality at all. The slanted IO port in the front, 4 USB ports, and the multimedia tray above is designed for connecting all kinds of mobile devices that you might have. The CM5675 is ready to provide you a great multimedia experience. The dimensions of the computer are as follows,
6.69×1.x16.14×15.94 mm (W x H x D).

In the end, as far as computer and electronics go for gamers, this desktop truly has the potential to be among the top machines for gamers. The system specifications do have limits, but those limits will be related to your budget. Which is a awesome quality because this means the Essentio CM5675 will be built around the user’s needs. Regardless, this is an awesome desktop and it’s worth looking into.

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