Your Online Adventure In Hosting

Website owners are often faced with a difficult decision right from the beginning of their online venture. This decision is to choose a web hosting service for their website. Not only are there hundreds of web hosting companies offer their services at affordable prices, but there are also some that offer free hosting to their customers. Here we look in detail at the major differences between having a free hosting service versus a paid hosting service and the impact it can have on your website.


The first difference is the price. Free web hosting
allows website owners to host the website completely free of charge. There are no fees involved in uploading files to their server. There are no fees involved for keeping the website hosted on the server over time.

One important aspect of web hosting you need to look is bandwidth. This determines the speed that data is transferred from the hosting server to the Internet user visiting your site The greater the bandwidth, the faster your site will load and the faster users can see videos, pictures and download files from.

1. The more your website visitors, the larger the bandwidth amount you would expect to contain.

2. The size of the web page will determine the amount of the bandwidth required. And the size of the web page will largely depends on the embedded images, external JavaScript’s files, external style sheets and others.

Web hosting reseller is a great business to start with. It is possible to have a regular income for your entire life. The internet has made the world to be a globalized village. People wish to stay in touch with others through the internet medium. The numbers of blogs, websites are on the rise. It demands more number of dedicated servers with huge bandwidth and disk space. The developing countries are the hub for this business and there are lots of opportunities to be explored. One needs to be extremely cautious on what they are doing. It is important to make them personal and customers should feel like the get everything out of your services.

You can also start referring customers through your affiliate links and get commission from the webhosting companies. The reseller has to be a customer of the web hosting company by which he can excise this option. The webhosting resellers will get their money for the customers they refer and also for the customers or resellers those who are recruited under them. There are large numbers of hosting companies who try to outsource their activities through the resellers. This helps them to extend their business activities without spending much.

Hosting resellers can decide the kind of services they are going to sell. It can be a dedicated or merchant hosting, co-location hosting or shared hosting and there are pretty wide ranges. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is find out a reliable web hosting company that offers a reseller program. It must have attractive features for the reseller program. It is not possible for the individuals to start their own web hosting company as the cost of maintenance and investment is huge. One must also have a good technical team to support things.

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