Which Webhosting Provider Do You Trust

There are two key aspects to what web hosting package you should choose. The first is reliability because without reliability and approaching 100% up time, all the bells and whistles and cheap web hosting options in the world are not much use. The whole point of a website is that people should be able to access the information posted on it 24/7 with no interruptions.

Once that is established then it comes down to the 2nd aspect and that is what you pay for the features you get i.e. value for money. Believe it or not there are still packages out there that do not offer php web hosting for instance. So there are cheap web hosting packages that don’t deliver, and there are web hosting packages that deliver and provide value for money.

Lets talk about reliability first, if a host can offer you a 99.9% up time guarantee, in conjunction with a 45 day money back guarantee when you buy a package from them, they are in effect allowing you to trial their package to prove to you that they can in fact deliver on the promise. On that basis alone you would have to consider using that company as your web hosting provider, lets face it, if they deliver the service to that standard they are going to take some beating.

So what about the 2nd aspect, what features you get for the money you pay out. If you knew you had CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl, MySQL, SSH, SSL, and IMAP or POP/SMTP for your email options, and could get most of that for less than $5 per month with CPanel included, I think you would be pretty impressed. Especially when you find out that the technical support is available live 24/7/365 days a year.

Throw in a training video for pretty much every aspect of their service, support forums and ticket systems that ensure you get your answers on a strictly first come first served basis; so you are not waiting while preferred customers get dealt with ahead of you. Then, finally, add to that 25 industry awards for web hosting and I think that would just about put the cap on it for one the best web hosting packages available.

Which is probably why there are now in excess of 1.8million domains being hosted by this provider.

You may have heard the expression ‘x million flies can’t be wrong’ well that is a pretty good analogy in this instance. It makes the point, 1.8 million websites means that they are definitely getting a lot of things right when it comes to being one of the best web hosting providers around.

Website design France is one of those 1.8 million and they have never let them down yet.

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