Upgrading From Drupal 6 To Drupal 7

Just lately there was an update of Drupal(from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7). If you want to update your site there are few ideas that you should fallow. The update procedure is simple and the upgrade procedure automaticly any functinality from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and updates content to use new features when possible. ahead of you replace your site be cautious to backup all data about your web page. Backup site’s files and your databases(if you are using MySQL you can backup your database using phpmyadmin). Be careful with contributed modules and drupal templates because some of them will require aditional actions to improve them from Drupal 6 to 7.

1. The first this that you shoud do is to backup all of your files in the installation listing. Pay careful consideration that you have a backup copy from the sites folder because in this folder are stored all of the configuration files, custom themes, and contributed modules. Maybe you can make one copy from the whole site and one copy just from sites folder in Drupal.

2. The next thing is to backup your database. If you are using MySQL then you can backup you database using phpmyadmin. If you dont like phpmyadmin than you can use the “Backup and Migrate Module” for Drupal.

3. When you are installing Drupal your site should be in maintenance mode. Go to http://example.com/admin/settings/site-maintenance and put your internet site in offline mode.

4. When you have completed with step 3 the following thing to do is to disable all of the contributed modules and themes because they may intefere with the update process. After disabling all of the temaplates your default theme should be Garland. soon after doing that remove all of the old Drupal files from you web page’s root directory including any old Drupal 6 which includes and modules.

5. The next logical thing to do is to obtain and unpack Drupal 7 in the root directory of your internet site. Copy the information from old sites folder to the new directory. Make sure that you have copied your settings.php file. You don’t need to copy any old drupal themes or drupal modules to your new site. Double check you settings.php configuration file to make sure that all of the information is correct.

6. Run update.php by visiting http://www.example.com/update.php and this will start the update process. When the web page is loaded Drupal will show you message to to backup your data and database. When you click continue Drupal will diplay screen decribing the updates that will be made through the update process. Select Apply pending updates and the update process will start. Do not interupt the installation process or refresh the page. The page will be refreshed automaticly after the update process if finished. When the update process is completed Drupal will show you log message displaing all the changes that have been made.

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