No Dont Host With Any Free Site

Over the past few years, the cost of creating a website has come down. Which means that more and more people can now create their own sites. You can start a website for just about anything, whether it is a personal site where you store your photos and your writing or a fan site dedicated to your favorite celebrity. For those who have a business, even a small business, you will want to have a web presence.

Before you begin looking for cheap website hosting though, you will need to ensure that you have a plan in place for your site. You want to know what the site is going to look like, as well as the audience that you are after and the type of content that you will offer. Coming prepared in place even before you look for a hosting company will make choosing the company easier. You will know all of the features that you’ll want from the company.

Just because the cost of the service is cheap does not mean that the service should be shoddy. Always take the time to consider a company that has good customer service support, an uptime percentage of 99% or higher, and easy to use management tools. For those who have limited experience in web design, you can even find companies that offer easy to use design tools.

One thing that you will need to avoid are the free websites. It might seem tempting to choose one of these simple sites being that they are free, but you will quickly find that “free” comes with a cost that you do not want to pay. Many of the so called free sites have pop up advertisements on them. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it will grate on your visitor’s nerves. You will lose viewers and potential customers when you have popup after popup.

Since you will be able to find so many cheap domain hosting services that offer great service and none of those abominable pop up ads, it makes sense to register your domain and start real, honest to goodness website. When you start researching the companies, be diligent. Find people who can offer the best service and features, and that will be able to offer you great customer support.

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