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Fatcow – The People Have Spoken

If you have not heard of Fatcow you should know that they have been around for nearly twenty years, and have a client base in the millions. They use wind energy to power their service making them environmental friendly. They do have one simple thing that sets them aside from their competitors. A lot of hosting companies require that you pay monthly, but Fatcow is set up so that you pay a yearly fee and forget it. Fatcow has won several awards for excellent service over the past 5 years. This article will show you the many reasons on why you should choose their hosting service.

Would you Trust Fatcow?

A lot of people are scared that a company is going to abandon them at some point; they have never closed down someones service because they were using to much bandwidth or to many resources. Fatcow has been in business for almost 20 years. They host a ton of websites and even post messages when updates and bugs occur. Nothing is more frustrating then wondering about something and having to call someone; Fatcow simply lets you know about the problem beforehand. You will never have to worry about trust because they are one of the most trustworthy hosting companies on the net.

Amazing Uptime

I don’t know about you but one of the most frustrating things for me is when my site is down. Upon using Fatcow you will be pleasantly surprised with the 99.9% uptime. I know what you are thinking anyone can say anything on the net, well guess what it is actually true! (99.9% uptime) They use load balancing which means if one of their servers gets bogged down your site will be switched over to another server. If you have a question about their maintenance times or news they will post stickies on their boards to keep you up to date.

Fatcow and Scripts

It would be hard to fix a sink without a wrench, now wouldn’t it! With Fatcow you will get everything you need in order to get the job done. Let’s say you need to use Drupal for your blogging platform, with their service you can install it in a matter of seconds. Installing shopping cart scripts are easy with Fatcow. Most of the best web hosting services use cPanel for their control center and they are no different. No matter what you need in terms of scripts Fatcow will support everything you need.

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