Web Design and SEO should they go hand and hand? Miami

Web Design – SEO should they go hand and hand?

I was working one late afternoon when I got a call and the person on the other line wanted to find out about Search Engine Optimization for his website. He told me that his website looks nice but yet he’s not getting any traffic to that site. My first response to that was, it doesn’t really matter how professional or good your website looks, without any substances or factors to bring you traffic, your web site is  worth close to nothing. He went on to tell me that he was asking the web designer about how to optimize his site to get traffic and the web designer could not give him a good enough answer to his questions.

So this got me thinking, is there a big difference between web designing and a SEO? As a web designer is it essential to know SEO? As a web design company do you need to know SEO?

A web designer does not really need to SEO why, because they need to worry about the look and the presence of the website.  It’s not critical to know really SEO optimization to stay in business as a web designer; however, it is crucial to have the knowledge.

As a web design company I would think it would be essential to provide or at least have some options available to your clients for SEO. By understanding and knowing SEO, a web design company will be capable of providing better suited solutions to clients.

Do I think web design and SEO tie into each other, yes I do. And why do I? I’ll tell you, you need SEO to help you drive traffic to a website but the quality of content and the beauty of the site will keep the visitors interested. 

As a web designer I try my best to not focus more on one aspect rather the two. I pay close attention to SEO when designing a website.

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