The Rich And Inspiring History Of Harley Street In Westminster

The history of Harley Street stretches back into the early 18th century. This section of London is one of the most well known and famous areas in the world. Professionals here are known for their excellence in skilled dental and medical care. Here is a brief look at why it is so famous and popular.

The area known as Harley Street is presently owned by the estate of Howard de Walden. Records go back as far as 1711. Robert Harley (also known as the Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer) began with lavish plans for properties in Cavendish Square. When the Earl died, it went to his daughter in 1741. She married the second Duke of Portland and it eventually made its way through succeeding generations to where it is today.

This famous region in Westminster lies between Oxford and Marylebone Roads. It started when John Prince, renowned architect, was hired by the Earl of Oxford. The original plans were to build many lovely Georgian style homes in the area of Cavendish Square. By the latter part of the 1800s, the area was attracting many rich and affluent residents. For instance, taking up residence at number 73 was Prime Minister William E Gladstone.

Eventually, well-known medical professionals began to move here and by 1850 there were around 20 doctors available. By the time the 20th century arrived the number of physicians had grown to more than 80. This increase in doctors was due to the convenience of its rail system.

Many things happened to increase the reputation of this medical community. The region was graced by the Medical Society of London in 1873. This was one of the most respected and oldest societies in England. Later it changed its name to the Royal Society of Medicine, and is still in operation today. In fact, it contains a famous medical library.

By the year 1900, more than 200 doctors were in the area. Within 50 years the NHS or National Health Service moved here, and over 1500 doctors were practicing medicine. The National Health Service is an invaluable organization for assisting the public with their health care issues.

Many famous names are associated with the history of Harley Street in London. Speech therapist Lionel Logue, known for treating King George VI for speech problems, resided here during his tenure. Florence Nightingale was associated with this region with the Establishment of Gentlewomen. She went on to set standards for professional nursing that are still used today. Surgeon Sir Henry Thompson took up residence here in the 1870s. He was famous for developing minimally invasive surgery techniques and kidney stone treatments, as well as many other achievements.

When you walk into this region you will notice the rich history of Harley Street within the fine buildings. Since the mid-1800s, Queens College has been located here. Today you will find over 3000 people working at clinics, hospitals, and private practices. If you are looking for the best in medical or dental care, this is the place to seek.

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