The Different Types Of Storm Damage To Roofs

Storms could be ranked as one of the ways in which nature unleashes its fury on the environment. Storms can be classified based on what causes them; this is why there are hailstorms, snowstorms, thunderstorms, windstorms and firestorms just to mention a few. However, as diverse as the causes of storms are; they have the ability to cause Storm Damage to Roofs.

Basically, the damages caused by storms can be divided into two broad categories. The first category is the devastating type of damage that usually accompanies hurricanes and tornadoes. Such storms would usually leave the environment of their occurrence looking like a war-torn zone because of the extent of the destruction that they would have caused.

Whenever, a building is caught in this kind of disaster, it does not need much understanding of civil engineering to know that the building is no longer safe for human habitation. Before such a building can be safe again, there will be the need to carry out extensive repairs on both its structure and its cosmetics.

Nonetheless, this article is really concerned with the kind of damages that are not as devastating as the aforementioned. This is about those damages that are not obvious, the ones that are capable of being inconspicuous for up to six months before you can even have an inkling of their existence. These type of damages would turn a simple repair into a major repair.

A good example of this type of damages is the destruction that is common to hailstorms. The fact remains that hailstones are small blocks of ice that are precipitated in the sky that fall on the ground once they become heavy enough to fall down. One of the forces of nature that is capable of causing quite damages is hailstones.

Another type of this event happens when the destruction in the structural integrity of your roof is precipitated by the wind. As mentioned earlier, this one is also less obvious. However, if you find out that there is excessive falling of the leaves on trees in your yard, you need to know that your roof may be damaged.

One factor that makes it hard for homeowners to spot the signs of Storm Damage to Roofs is that the roof always looks good from the ground. More so, if the roof is not leaking and none of the shingles have fell on the floor, you may not know that the roof needs a repair. However, if you inspect your roof regularly, you will be able to spot minor damages before they become a major issue.

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