Texas Specifications For A Real-estate License

The needs to get a real estate license in Texas are extensive, and the process id designed to make certain that anyone who has this license is allowed to sell real estate in this state. The requirements are not difficult but they may take the time to achieve. The process entails taking specific courses, confirming that you have good moral character, being fingerprinted, passing real estate exam, being accredited as an inactive agent, and then working as a representative under a qualifying broker sponsorship.

Because of the extent of the licensing process it is a good idea to make sure you meet all of the licensing requirements before you start working towards a career in real estate sales. If you have a criminal background that would throw your moral question into character or you can not pass the licensing assessment then you might have put in a lot of work for nothing.

Having a real estate license in Texas begins with educational courses. You must complete at least 180 classroom hours of educational classes. 60 of these hours must be on the subject of Principals Of Real Estate, and Agency Law, Contract Law, Real Estate Financing, and Contract Forms and Addendums subjects each need 30 hours in the classroom per subject. These requirements are meant to make sure that the real estate salesman or broker knows the legal guidelines clearly.

The next step in obtaining the desired real-estate license is to pass the fingerprinting and moral character requirements. Prosecutions for any felonies or misdemeanors, not including traffic citations, may prevent you from having the approval you need for the real-estate license. If you’re not sure whether you qualify because of a conviction then you might want to apply for the application before you start the coursework to avoid wasting any time or money if you do not meet the requirements to get the license.

Upon passing the exam the inactive salesperson license will be issued by the state as long as you have met all of the requirements and your fingerprints are on file. After finding a broker to act as your sponsor you can make application for an active license from the state.

Once the previous requirements for a Texas real estate license are fulfilled then you’ll have to take the state examination for the license authorization.

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