Some important drainage tips

Do we always spend sufficient time considering what we can do to keep our drains in good working order? After all, a good drainage system is an essential requirement for any household, and by spending some time undertaking some simple maintenance activities, we can all minimise the potential for disruption that damaged drains may bring.

The reality of drains in that they are usually located underground. In additions to the obvious convenience and benefits of the drains being underground, it can also be advantageous in protecting the drains from damage from a number of causes. However, this can also expose the drains to alternative risks, which a home owner should be aware of. Roots from trees are a classic example of a potential threat to the integrity of your drainage system, as a result of the drains location. If your home is surrounded by large trees it is advisable to closely consider their proximity to the drainage systems you have in place.

A further problem resulting from trees surrounding your property is the potential for blockage caused by leaf matter, which can easily build within the drains leading to troublesome issues requiring intervention. Making sure that you clear fallen leaves from around your property can make a big difference in reducing the chances of a blocked drain.

An easily solvable common issue with drains is in disposal of inappropriate items down the drain from household waste. Kitchen drains are often exposed to the fats and waste food from cooking, or sanitary wear is flushed down the toilet. The consequence of abusing the drains in such a way is inevitable – damaged or blocked drains. Inform your household how to dispose of such items correctly.

Regular maintenance of your drains, such as jet washing, can also help, and investing in a regular maintenance programme may be advantageous over the years.

When it comes to protecting your drains, and ensuring they stay in good working order, simple actions can have huge potential benefits both short and longer term.

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