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When we internet users need information – be it a general fact, trivia, statistics, summary, a product, or even phone numbers – we do so by using any of the major search engines.

Amongst the billions of pages on the Internet, the search engines present results according to their bearing and value to our seek. Quite obviously, what the search engines look at as the most relevant and most important sites are at the top of the list. Nevertheless there is a method for these final results to be influenced – this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

In trying to pressure search engine placement to your favour, it is critical to understand the following steps which show how a user behaves when doing a search:
1. Experiences the need for a solution, an information, or an answer
2. Phrases that need in a string of words known as the “query”
3. Executes the query
4. Browse through the results to find the best match
5. Clicks on one result
Search engine optimization is essentially the science of conceptualizing your Website so that it will rank high in search engine results. In practice, this means awarding your site the suitable relevance and importance so that search engines will rank it superior than sites that are not optimised. What it means for your Website is more appearance; and greater visibility of course attracts more customers. From this, there developed a new branch of marketing – search engine marketing or SEO marketing.

Broadly speaking, search engines are looking for specific keywords that may tell them what the site is all about, or they may look and follow the links to and from your site to determine your ‘popularity’ in world wide web. This whole process is basically what an SEO package hopes to influence, following the guidelines of search engine companies.

The importance of search engine marketing for small and medium businesses can be easily seen from the following study:
. The first-ranked site in the search results gets 42.25% of all click-throughs
. The second receives around 12%, the third 8.5%, the fourth 6%, and the lower ranks get 5%
. The top 10 (usually, the first page of the results) receive close to 90% of all traffic, the second page get 4.4%, the third 2.4%, and the fourth 1%
Search engine listing is progressively overtaking other forms of listings or directory sites that people use when searching business or product information – in the US, 86% of people who were reviewed said they used the Internet to find a local business, and 80% reported that they found a product or service online.

The most important step, however, is for you to respond now. Every day, more and more pages are added to the Internet; and getting to the page one may be a little harder at present than it was yesterday, every moment counts. Stay ahead of the competition and drivebetter sales to your business by hiring the services of an SEO company now.

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In light of these convincing facts, it is essential for your business to engage SEO services from a reputable SEO company. Being the exact science that it is, local businesses will get better SEO packages if they hire a SEO expert who knows the local business landscape. For example, Singapore businesses will benefit more from a Singapore SEO consultant.

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