Outsource Telesales Or Build Skills In-House?

Telemarketing is one of the most influential tools in the hands of business executives. Selecting the most successful method in taking it from planning to implementation is vital to its success. Telesales improves visibility of a brand and has a very positive impact on the growth of new businesses in particular. It also leads to more sale conversions and supports market surveys that gather data to help businesses improve clients’ experience and relationship with them.

Businesses can maximize on telemarketing by cutting out associated burdens that impact its efficacy. To do that, management should weigh the pros and cons of developing an in-house telemarketing division versus contracting to a third party service provider. Studies indicate that outsourcing telesales is cheaper and more efficient than the effort of building know-how within the company.

Internal or third party telemarketing – what works?

Every corporation that is looking to add a new capability to its business is faced with the alternative of developing skills in-house or hiring out. For telemarketing, the answer can be gleaned from this question – Will it help you reach your business goals by bolstering your core competencies or not? If yes, you should build an internal team. For any other reason, outsourcing is the way to go.

Starting a telemarketing service should not be undertaken lightly. It demands time and money, employing and training personnel, installing tools, and keeping current with laws and news. Instead of expending valuable time, money and effort on areas that are not part of your core business goals you can use a ready-made solution from external telesales companies. They work as well as in-house services (or better) and promise early ROI.

Telemarketing call center services outsourcing speeds up growth

Telemarketing services can quicken the growth of businesses and the promotion of products by:

* Reducing the time to market: The time to market is a crucial element in taking advantage of up-and-coming market opportunities. Be it a new business or product, outsourced telemarketing services gets the message to the market without incurring the delays due to recruiting and training personnel. Lowering time to market implies better sales and more clients for the business.

* Flexible staffing to meet demand: Lots of businesses see a rise and fall in sales and demand. Instead of constantly having to increasing and cutting down in-house telesales employees to meet requirements, you can contract out telemarketing services. As third party services work for more than one customer, spare personnel are moved to other projects till required again.

* Allowing management to focus on core issues: Product launches involve issues that need management’s instant attention. With outsourced services handling the sales, management is free to troubleshoot issues without distractions.

* Providing know-how and hardware support: Outsourced telemarketing services are professional organizations. They hire skilled workers and use latest technology and equipment to produce results for your business. Leveraging their resources is a cheaper alternative to taking on the expenses of purchasing equipment and training employees on procedures and skills.

* Maximizing ROI: With outsourced telemarketing services, businesses can control fixed expenses and see returns quickly.

* Limiting legal liability: The telemarketing industry is regulated by state and federal rules that are frequently updated and vary across states. Service companies keep staff in sync with applicable changes in rules and save your business from potential legal hassles. For an in-house service, this is a challenging job that not only takes away from a workers’ productive time but also adds no value to the core competencies of the business.

There are many occasions when a business owner has to consider outsourcing choice that confronts business people many times for numerous reasons – reducing expenses, rapid business growth, expansion, etc. In the case of telemarketing, outsourcing clearly has great benefits.

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