How To Sell On The Phone By Way Of Your Emotions

Conducting business or selling on phone presents unique challenges to everyone, especially since you can’t see the person you are talking to, therefore you can’t judge where the conversation is headed by merely looking at one’s facial expressions. Such an arrangement also breeds a few possibilities for miscommunication, and in the world of telemarketing, that is something that you simply cannot afford.

Contrary to popular belief, your feelings do get communicated over the telephone no matter how hard you attempt to cover them up. That is why in order to be a successful telemarketer, one needs to discover ways to sell on the telephone effectively by controlling these emotions and turning them into a positive element that enhances your influence on a customer.

Efficient ways on how to sell on the phone will always be rooted on the process of self-assessment, fully understanding oneself, and turning weaknesses into strengths. And since we’re on the subject of emotion, let us tackle a couple of ways on how to properly handle emotions in a phone call.

A little smile can go a long way, you may not notice it right away, but you may actually sound better if you talk with a smile. That is because you have a tendency to open your mouth wider when speaking with a smile, and the cheerful disposition that this simple gesture creates can actually be communicated to your client.

Be ready with a good greeting or opening line, there is nothing more off-putting than being in a business discussion with a person who seems to be at a loss for words. If that individual happens to be representing a business, then than company will have already lost a chance for a sale.

Being prepared with a standard and professional opening line allows you to be more confident in handling calls, and in this field, self-confidence is a key element that enables you to engage clients better.

Never give in to negative emotions. No matter how irate a customer is on the other end of the telephone line, keep in mind that you are handling a client and you should refrain from agitating them even further. Allow them to speak their mind but be firm in reminding them that you are here to help them.

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