How To Improve Sales With Office Moving Leads

How can office moving leads leads help your business with more sales? A good question, but before we answer that, let’s address an even more basic question – what is a commercial relocation sales lead?

A commercial relocation or moving leads is a company that is moving their location or office. This type of sales lead is also called an Office Moving Leads. So the key point is that the company is moving their office location at some time in the not too distant future.
Now we can answer that first question of how it can help your business. When a company is moving its office, it’s a time when they will definitely need a number of services from a variety of service providers.

Some of the industries that benefit most from commercial relocation leads are: commercial movers, telecom equipment providers, office furniture companies, security companies, computer network companies, cable and wiring companies, contractors, sign companies, printers, plant designers, vending companies and janitors.

Telecom equipment providers are required to assist with a smooth move to the new location with no interruption in the phone service. Most business put an extremely high priority on having the phone system working uninterrupted. It’s their vital link with their customers, vendors and partners. Similarly computer network, security, cable and wiring and contractors.

Communication via the internet and company email is as important today for many businesses as the telephone system for business communications. And of course, most businesses want to conduct their activities in various degrees of secure environment of course.

The company that’s moving in many cases will either need or want new or additional office furniture. It’s one of the rare times that they will want to either replace or upgrade their office furniture. Along with their new address they will need new stationary, possibly signage and commercial shelving or storage. Moving to a different location is also one of the times a company is likely to evaluate other vendors like coffee and water. There would also be a need to do a post move clean up at the old location as well as the possibility of a longer term service agreement at the new location for janitorial services.

Some of the key pieces of information on the commercial moving lead are: current company location and phone number, a contact person – either the decision maker or someone close to the decision maker, the size of the company in terms of employees and the timeframe for the move.

So Commercial Relocation Leads can be an excellent business development for sales opportunity for a variety of industries including commercial movers, telecom equipment providers, computer network, security, cable and wiring, office furniture, contractors, janitorial, sign companies, printing companies as well as other industries.

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