How To Avoid Panda Mistakes That Can Detrimentally Affect Your Business

Tens of thousands of web businesses have felt the sting of their Panda mistakes and various infractions. Having a site take this kind of Google slap can be a painful experience that dwindles your rankings as quickly as your income. Now you must take a step back and figure out how to fix the problems so you can move your business forward again. While it’s the perfect question to ask, it’s also one that no one can answer for you. There are many different mitigating factors including how long it might take your business to bounce back, that need to be factored in. But for now you can read about the following Panda mistakes and maybe they are something you have not considered.

Keyword stuffing. Ever hear of it? It is one of the oldest tricks in the website industry. Many people do this by accident, yet the purposeful use of keyword stuffing is still going on. You can actually appear to be doing this if you write your content in the wrong way.

Pay attention to heading tags for content – close attention. This is not the place for you to practice your keyword stuffing abilities. Don’t use them to get your primary keyword behind these scenes on every single page of your site either. SEO is important but focusing on that while writing can leave your content flat and lifeless. Don’t forget to take advantage of other heading tags for secondary keywords as well as LSI content. The important point is to be natural and make your content very readable and of the highest quality you can produce or buy.

Understanding the page itself, and what to expect, will be found in this brief URL description. You can bet that Google does it as well, and they look at that plus the page title. In essence, the page URL title, and the URL itself, should match the content on the page.

Content that is duplicated from on page to the next of your own site might be an area you haven’t looked at thoroughly. There’s a good chance you have two different web addresses leading to the same content. Whether you did it on purpose or not, your site will suffer as a result. This type of error is more common than you think, especially when it comes to blogs, because it’s not hard to make. It’s related to how your page files are named and your categories. Your goal may be to make sure all the information is in order and easy to find but what you end up with is two different URLs pointing to the same piece of content. The Panda update was very traumatic to many Internet marketers, but you can fix your violations by doing just a few simple things. Despite all of the complications involved, people are still trying to conquer the system. These people are just like us, trying to sell products on the Internet. As long as you are complying with the rules that Google has set forth, everything will work out for you.

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