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Legoland Trafford Centre

June 26, 2012 George Vreham 0

Manchester is one of the top haunts in North of England, mainly because there is a large number of people who are fans of that famous Manchester Utd club. The city is located in the North West of England. According to the British Tourist Association, Manchester was Englands third hottest tourist hot spot in 2001. The 2002 Commonwealth Games which was hosted by Manchester helped to further develop the city’s tourism industry and to this very day. Most people consider Manchester as Englands second top city right after London. Whether you’re viewing Birmingham for a day or you’ve known the city for years, there is no better way of checking out the area than with an knowledgeable and knowledgeable trip information. Manchester Is One Of The Top Haunts, Mainly Because There Are Those Among Us Who Are Fans Of That Famous Manchester Utd Club. The City Is Located In The North West Of England. According To The British Tourist Association, Manchester Happens To Be Englands Third Hot Tourism Hot Spot In 2001.