Why Do Relationships Fail? A man's point of view

There are many different reasons why some relationships fail but the one that tends to be more common is the lack of communication and lack of interest. Many people get into relationships for all the wrong reasons. If you are in a relationship with someone because of his/her body type, shape, color, features what happens when the physical things fade away? If you are with someone make sure you really know why. Try not to make it a physical thing. I am not saying to be with just anyone but have solid grounds and reasons. Lack of communication, a great percentage of the time are the basis for most relationships that fail. How do I communicate you may ask? Well I have to tell you its not the easiest task. Men and women have different meanings of what communication is. To a guy communicating means “hey baby how are you doing?” Guys the key to communicating with your woman is to be a good listener. Show interest in what she’s saying. Most of the time by listening to your woman will tell you?what you need to be ?talking to her about.

If something is not working talk it out.


  1. I totally agree. Also, people tend to lose interest if there is communication or the relationship neither here nor there.

  2. Your right, Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Most people fail to have that, the less you talk to your partner the more he/she push away then you find your self asking questions like, Why, what is that you need from me, how can i make this right…

    So talk to one another so both of you can be on the same page.

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