What type of men are you attracted to?

Are there really different types of men? Of course there are…which type do you find yourself always attracted to? Here are some characteristics of these different types of men:

  1. The JERK, the jerk is that one guy that no matter what you do he will never care for your feelings. This type mostly cares about himself and showing off to his boys, always trying to prove that  he’s still “The Man” by mistreating his woman. He will put in more time into he deems important rather than yours. He will require a lot of support from you but gives little or if any support back to you.  Your goals and feelings mean little to nothing to him. Eventually this man may even end up cheating on you.
  2. The SWEETHEART, well this type will do for the most part will do everything in his power to make sure that your needs are met whether it be sexually, emotionally, religiously, morally,  etc. He won’t care about what it is his boys think of him. Before he acts and do something he will think about what the consequences are and how they will affect the relationship that he has with you.T
  3. The CLUELESS, this is the type of guy that just doesn’t know what to do, one you will have to hold his hands and you as his women tell him or show him what to do, mostly by talking to him all the time on how you should be treated. HE will do what you say but you will always have to point things out to him.
  4. The CONTROLLING TYPE, this one will take over every aspect of your life. He will decide who you talk to and when you can talk to them. He decides when you guys will do certain things, how you dress, how talk and how you walk.

We would love to hear about other guys that you have found yourselves attracted to and their characteristics!

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