Things to talk about on a first date!

First dates are by far one of the most important dates any person can go on. The first date is the deciding factor for many on whether or not to pursue the other individual. Therefore, it is very important that the date constitutes of good conversation and obviously lots of fun. Many people have trouble in the department of things that are allowable to talk about on the very first date and having an easy going conversation is by far the most important. So here are a few tips on things you can and should talk about on a first date.

You should definitely be asking lots of questions to keep the conversation afloat but be sure you give her enough time to answer and also provide answers for the questions that you ask too.

Ask your date about their likes, dislikes, where did they grow up, family, do they have siblings, what are their pet peeves, what do they like to do for fun, if they could go anywhere in the world where would they go, ask about their career, do they enjoy what they do, do you see yourself having kids, talk about current events, politics, entertainment news, favorite actor, singer, song, writer, talk about most recent books you’ve read, please find out the last time your date picked up a book to read. Also, as crazy as this may sound, be orignal and creative in how you approach your date about sex on the first date, I think it’s important to know where the other person’s head is at when it comes to such an important topic for many. No matter how this date turns out, don’t be afraid to have fun.

Guys rule of thumb, women love to go on and on about themselves, try to listen and talk a little about yourself as well. I hope these tips will help you have a fun and successful dating experience.


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