My man isn't satisfying me sexually, what should I do?

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I have been in relationship with my hubby for 4 years now. When we initially got married, he took his time to ensure that I was very satisfied, especially when it came to how he performed in the bedroom. We would find ourselves making love for hours on end at times. Well after the honeymoon phase of our marriage was over, we both started to work more hours, my husband’s stamina and drive to having sex with me just wasn’t the same. Yet, I find that my wanting to have sex with him just hasn’t changed but rather has increased. I find that it takes so much more to get him to have sex with me than it did before and I honestly don’t know what it is. Rather than us going at it for hours now I’d be lucky if it even lasts a good 10 minutes. What should I do about this?


  1. You have various options, the expensive route would be to seek therapy especially if the problem persists, the less expensive route is to talk to him yourself and see what the problem is. Maybe he’s working more hours and is just very tired or maybe he might be keeping something from you… talk to him first to find out his take on the whole situation because i’m sure he probably feels the same.

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