A long distance relationship story with a happy ending – Don & Val

When/How/Where did you guys meet?

Don: Val and I met at church about 6 years ago, but it wasn’t the old school meet and greet. She had been attending my church for about a year and Val claims that she had never noticed me. I use to notice her, she was extremely pretty but I thought she was really young. It was when I found out she was really 18 (legal) I made my move.

Val: I met Don at my Dad’s church. I didn’t even know if he was at the church, because I use to always sit near the front, and once church ended, I left. I was pretty new there and didn’t socialize with too many of the young adults. It was about one year into my presence at the church that I heard this girl going on and on about this hot guy named Don. I was curious about who he was and when I saw him…the only words that came to mind was “wow, that’s a sexy man!”

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