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Patrick Maser Proves That Self-Employment Is Attainable

August 2, 2012 Jeff Freeman 0

If you are seeking for a step along the proper direction in your career then think about being an entrepreneur. There is an limitless amount of earning potential when you work for yourself. A role model to look up to who recognized a better future for himself is Patrick Maser. By making the smart decision to develop into his own boss was only the beginning for Patrick’s success story.

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Debt is the Best Tool We Have for Building Wealth

July 15, 2012 Victor Lawrence 1

Debt sure has a bad name nowadays. Everytime I grab a paper, all I see are reports around the “sovereign debt crisis.” When I switch on the tv, I’m bombarded with commercials from firms offering to help individuals with their “debt troubles.” I can see why many people today see debt as a disease, something to steer clear of like the plague. That’s too bad, because I feel debt is one of the greatest innovations ever, and possibly the number one tool for building wealth.

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Patrick Maser Shows the Risk is Worth It

July 12, 2012 Christopher Benini 0

You take risks every day whether you believe it or not. Some involve more risk than others. When you get up and go to work there is no guarantee that you are coming home that day. It is scary but it is true. Everything you do involves some degree of risk, whether it is low risk or high risk. In most cases, the more the risk, the higher the reward. That needs to be put in perspective of business. Patrick Maser is one person who took a risk and now runs his own business, making hundreds of thousands of dollars om a monthly basis.