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Mobile Food Trucks: Great Customer Service Needs

July 6, 2012 Christine Castillo 1

No matter what the economic status is, still people always have the need to eat. Therefore managing a food cart business can be helpful and all you have to do is create a shop in an area with heavy visitors like parks or down the city streets. To illustrate, owning mobile food trucks is a great thing as it’s very convenient and you can always set up shops somewhere else to get access to the hungry crowd. From an entrepreneurial viewpoint, mobile food ventures also have lesser overhead and requires less employees than restaurants. It can also be simply moved from one location to another if for some reasons, it does not anymore yield enough income.

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Applied Ideas To Apply On A Mobile Catering

May 29, 2012 Christine Castillo 0

A lot of people prefer to eat on-the-go and so as the popularity of fast foods and now to numerous types of kiosks found in malls, theatres, markets, etc. Well, the nonstop hunger of people is what makes this type of business popular and bountiful and for that reason this opportunity to earn more by offering foods to people shouldn’t be missed. But consider incorporating the concept of kiosks or food carts and moving fastfoods and restaurants…what would that be? Well that’s the birth of mobile catering. It is a food business wherein you offer prepared food with a running vehicle. This has been introduced in the urban culture in many countries nowadays especially in the United States.