Did The British Empire Contribute To The Formation Of Modern Civilization?

As if God was giving chance to all and almost suggesting nobody wins, human history has witnessed empires rising with united pride and then crumpling down with division.

Although European empires followed suite in the making of empires, almost due to a modern touch, it was revolutions that brought them down. Winning France and extending up to ?Sun never sets in the British Empire?, it was the British Empire that ruled more.

Although started as a business venture, with businessmen not ruling, a simple right to arm themselves against pirates offered by an Indian ruler changed the history of East India Company, India and the world. When this was united with ?united we stand?, here (even the Scots!) and Indian known but Britain patented ?divide and rule? there, winning was a possibility. When ?united we stand? was amazingly extended to native fighters, victory became smooth. Praising the ruled not helping rule; when denigration of local?s beliefs and practices was added, even ruling was smooth. As if to play hide and seek, the rulers lived in cantonment areas and appeared outside only for leisure or work. Although the locals, who were called natives, dint quite get handshakes with the rulers, rulers among them even became playing buddies. Almost proclaiming ?rulers of the world unite?, the Brits even got support from the localrulers. Centuries just went past and Britain became richer and natives poorer. Despite this, being expert at hiding negative things and trumpeting positive things, called propaganda machine, they even got respect as good rulers.

However, almost signifying teaching of freedom, fraternity and equality, ideals of French Revolution, was not a good idea; it was the educated ones, who triggered political revolutions that finally sent the Brits back to their isles. Increasing the tragedy, not properly planned partition of the subcontinent into India and the newly formed Pakistan on religious lines saw the massacre of millions of people. Empire itself had a major impact on the history of many countries of the world, as well as on Europe.

Almost like some Britons disliking Germans, there are Indians, who dislike the British and accuse them of being responsible for the Indian famine, taking away money from India and using the ?divide and rule? policy to rule. However, there are also many British people, who believe that Empire was good. They believe that Britain made India modern.

In relation to the modern civilization, the effect of Empire on science technology and Industrial Revolution cannot be ignored. Almost using Briton?s ?divide and rule?, on Empire?s effect on the West and the rest, the book with a surprising name, ?Women?s Power: Its Past, Its Present, Its Future: Femocracy? analyses the pros and cons of the Empire and narrates the contributions it made in the formation of the modern civilization.

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