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How To Look Good By Dressing For Your Body Shape

June 14, 2012 Claire Fortson 0

A magic wand to make us look good every single day is something we all want, right? Or maybe a wand that will give us a perfect body? Well guess what! As a Pear shaped beauty, you do have a perfect body! A-list stars Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce share your body type and celebrate their curves to the max. As a Pear shape, your body type is characterised by a small waist, generous hips, modest bust and narrow shoulders. The thing that the celebrities have, that us mere mortals don’t, is a personal stylist. These stylists are on hand to make sure that J-Lo and co look amazing 24-7. The secret they use is to dress the stars according to their body shape, highlighting their best features and balancing their flaws. Dressing for your body shape is important to make sure you look consistently great. The best way for Pears to balance their shape is to create the illusion of broader shoulders, therefore making the hips seem narrower. Here are some expert tips for dressing a Pear shaped body…